API Notification Settings for Custom Platform Spending Rules

eCommerce stores on Custom Platforms can now integrate with Stamped Loyalty & Rewards. The addition of "API Notification" settings allows Stamped.io to notify the merchant's server in real-time when customers redeem their loyalty points for rewards.

Once you create your reward you will find an “API Notification” section created within the Stamped.io dashboard (see example below):

Here is the workflow:

  1. Customer redeems reward from the rewards launcher
  2. Stamped.io sends the data to their Notification URL defined in the rewards settings
  3. Merchant receives the data, creates the coupon on their backend, and returns the "id" data. (Note: "id" must be returned for the coupon to be created)
  4. Stamped.io displays the coupon in the launcher for redemption