Troubleshooting: Rewards launcher

Here are some of the common troubleshooting steps to follow if you are seeing issues with your Loyalty & Rewards launcher not loading in your store. If you are facing a problem not listed in the document, please email us at

In This Guide

Launcher not installed

The Points and Referrals program are disabled

Launcher Visibility setting

  • Launcher visibility can be set to only show on Desktop or be hidden on all devices in the placement section under the settings here -
  • If the launcher is not showing up on mobile devices, check the settings if it is set to Desktop only
  • If the launcher is not showing up at all on any devices, check and make sure it's not set to Hide on all device

NOTE: Also check with your developer if the launcher was customized to open via a link, button or on a specific page only in your store before making any of the changes above.

If all of the above was checked and the launcher is still not showing up, please check the browser's developer console to see if there's any JavaScript error. Please take a screenshot of it and reach out to our team at so we can help further.