Loyalty & Rewards - Voiding Coupons

For times where you need to e.g. issue a replacement coupon code for your customer, you can void the coupon that's redeemed within the rewards app.

In This Guide

How To Void The Coupon

  1. Go to Customers within the rewards app dashboard
  2. Click on the customer whose coupon need to be voided
  3. Under the Activities section, click on the Rewards tab
  4. Click on the "x" button to void the coupon

  5. The points used to redeem the voided coupon will be credited back to the customer's account (e.g. if they spent 500 points on redeeming this coupon, 500 points will be credited back to the customer)
    Should you require to remove the points, it can be done by using the points adjustment function located within the same page.