Loyalty & Rewards - Getting Started - Custom Platform

Welcome and thank you for starting your journey with us at Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards!

In just a few steps we can assist you in creating your very own Loyalty & Rewards program for your business that allows customers to heavily engage with your brand.

In this guide

Install Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards Launcher

Please visit the following guide to get the installation script needed for the Loyalty & Rewards Launcher:


Add Existing Customers and Reward points to Stamped.io

  1. If you have existing Customers and Reward points in other apps, please export them as a CSV file and import it via our Importer tab in our Dashboard.
  2. For more detailed information please visit our migration from other apps guide

Basic Setup

  1. Let’s get you started with some basic setup. Go to settings and you will see this page for general settings
  2. Fill up all the details as required.
  3. Next, click on Back to Main, and go to Points from the menu on the left:
  4. This is where you can modify the Points Program in ways to rewards points to customers.  Feel free to explore the various options available! 
  5. For more detailed information about the Points Program, please visit our points program guide
  6. Next, go to Referrals from the menu on the left:
  7. This is where you can modify the Referral Program in ways to rewards customers for referrals to your website.  Feel free to explore the various options available! 
  8. For more detailed information about the Referral Program, please visit our referral program guide

Widget Settings & Installation

Our widgets allow you to easily customize the appearance of your Loyalty & Rewards content on your website. For example a pop up modal after purchasing to encourage referral to friends to get rewards for both the customer and their friends, encouraging new sales and customer retention to purchase products again. 

With a little bit of code (or a little bit of help from your developers), it's easy to display the Loyalty & Rewards program information in various parts of your store using widgets. Each widget has a custom snippet that you place into where you would like it to be displayed on your website.

  1. Take a look at our full list of display widgets available under Widgets -> Display Widgets:

  2. For the full list of display widgets available on our app, please visit our display widgets guide

That's all you need to know for now to get you started! if you require more in-depth explanation on the various functions and features Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards has to offer, everything is available in the knowledge base and if you need clarification, our support team is always available through email at hello@stamped.io :)