Loyalty & Rewards - Display Widgets

Showcase the Stamped.io - Loyalty & Rewards program in your store with the list of display widgets available. This guide will showcase examples of each widget. You can preview them in the dashboard under "Display Widgets" in settings: https://go.stamped.io/v3/#/settings/widgets/display/

There are examples from our demo site for each display widget for your reference here: https://www.gatomall.com/pages/rewards-page

Note: The relevant program needs to be enabled for the display widget to be visible

Points - Page Earnings, Page Spendings, Checkout redemption, Points Indicator

Referral - Page Referral, Page Modal

In this guide

Page Summary

A summary page widget where the customer is able to  sign in to redeem points and check reward history or sign up for the loyalty & rewards program.


Logged-in Customer:

Page How it works

A widget to display how the loyalty & rewards program works.

Page Earnings

A widget that displays how to earn points in your loyalty & rewards program.

Page Spendings

A widget that displays the rewards your members can redeem using their accumulated points.

Page Referral

A widget for the Referral Program that displays the rewards your member and their friends would get if your member referred them.

A pop up modal that displays after an order for the Referral Program.

Checkout Redemption

There are two types of widgets available: Slider Widget and Drop-Down Box Widget, which allows your members to redeem points at the checkout page.

*For Shopify Plus only

Slider Widget:

Drop-Down Box Widget:

Installation instructions: Redeeming Points on Checkout

Points/Value Indicator

A simple points indicator which includes the branding of the points, recommended to be placed in a rewards information page/customer account page/header

Here's the code to be installed:

<div id="stamped-rewards-points-placeholder"></div>

Another version of the indicator will display the monetary value of the points accumulated:

Here's the code:

<div id="stamped-rewards-points-placeholder" data-type="points-price" data-ratio="100" data-symbol="$"></div>
data-ratio: This attribute will determine the ratio of points to dollar (eg. a ratio of 100 will convert 200 points to $2)
data-symbol: This attribute will determine the currency shown on the indicator

If you need assistance with the installation of any display, please email us at hello@stamped.io and our support team will be happy to assist you.

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