Loyalty & Rewards - Getting Started - WooCommerce

Integrate Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards with WooCommerce

Note: You need to have the latest Stamped.io WooCommerce plugin version above 2.1.2.

To get started with the integration:

1) Create an API key for Stamped.io in WooCommerce.

Go to WordPress panel => WooCommerce => Settings => Advanced => REST API tab

Click on "Add Key" button:

2) Create the API Key using these fields, click on "Generate API Key" button:

Note: User should be an admin user and Permissions should be "Read/Write" 

3) Once the API Key is generated, you'll see the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" like this example:

Note: Copy the keys which will be used on step 6 Below

4) Go to Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards Dashboard => Settings => Apps => WooCommerce:

5) Click on "Install" button

6) Fill in the "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret" field, click on "Save"

And you're all set!